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What Is The Best Bed Pillow To Buy

In general, all sleepers should look for an easy-to-clean pillow, which keeps you cool at night and is made from breathable materials. If you tend to sleep in a certain position on your back, front, or side, then think about choosing the following pillows for your sleep style

what is the best bed pillow to buy

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Memory foam pillows have a lot of benefits for more comfortable sleep. The main advantage is contouring, which means the memory foam molds itself to your head and neck as soon as you lie down. It's the same benefit you'll get from one of the best memory foam mattresses for pressure relief.

People with neck pain often benefit from a memory foam pillow, but the depth of the pillow should be considered too. Deep memory foam pillows are a great choice for side sleepers, while firmer and shallower foam pillows will better support stomach and back sleepers.

The downside to memory foam is that it can retain heat, so hot sleepers may struggle with this type of pillow depending on the type of memory foam it's made from. There are plenty of cooling gel-infused memory foam pillows to choose from now, and these dissipate heat, boost airflow and regulate temperature to keep you cool. Our top-rated memory foam pillow for hot sleepers is the Layla Kapok Pillow, priced from $109 at Layla Sleep.

While your pillow can make an instant difference to how comfortably you sleep, consider pairing it with one of the best mattress toppers too. These breathe new life into older mattresses and can also relieve pressure points.

There are far too many options out there to choose from, but fortunately we've already done the hard work for you. We've picked out a selection of 15 of the best pillows on the market now, with all the options covered. What you need to keep in mind when picking out a pillow is that if you sleep on your back or stomach you'll be best off with a low-loft pillow that keeps your head and neck aligned, while side sleepers will get on better with a higher pillow that cushions the gap between your head and shoulders.

Oh, and if you're one of those sleepers who shifts position all night long, you'll want a more responsive pillow that can keep on supporting you as you toss and turn, or one with an adjustable fill that you can make as shallow or as deep as you need. You can learn more about finding your perfect pillow further down the page, but whatever your requirements, our guide to the best pillows should be able to match you with your ideal option at a price that suits you.

In this roundup you'll find pillows from brands behind some of the best mattresses, such as Casper and Purple, as well as an assortment of natural and synthetic fillings including memory foam, microfiber, feather, down, Tencel, latex and naturally cooling wool, so you can choose in the knowledge that you won't accidentally send your allergies into overdrive.

If you have a tendency to get hot in the night, the Nectar Copper Pillow is a fantastic cooling option that won't cost you a fortune. Like the slightly more expensive Layla Kapok Pillow below, its cover is made of cooling fabric that's infused with moisture- and heat-wicking copper fibers, and it's filled with breathable microfiber polyester, and the result is a pillow that genuinely keeps you cool, even on hot summer nights.

In our Nectar Copper Pillow review, our reviewer found that while other cooling pillows really only minimize the heat, this one was more actively cooling, even during midday naps in late summer. The Nectar Copper Pillow is also nicely plush with a good amount of sinkage, and it's moldable enough to cradle your head while supporting your neck too. We'd rate it a medium in terms of firmness; however its five-inch loft means it's a bit too thick to be comfortable for stomach sleepers.

We reckon it's one of the best cooling pillows on the market, and versatile enough to be comfortable for most sleepers, and its luxurious - and good-looking - cover means that you don't really need a pillowcase to go with it. Sadly it's not really machine-washable; instead Nectar recommends that you to spot clean with mild soap and water, and air dry. Despite this, the Nectar Copper Pillow is our top pick for anyone looking for the best pillow right now.

The best-selling Layla Kapok Pillow is designed with an innovative cover that has copper fibers woven in to deliver cooling and antimicrobial properties. Copper helps wick away body heat, meaning the pillow is ideal for those who sleep hot or find their head gets sweaty at night.

For our Layla Kapok pillow review, we slept on a queen size Pillow (king size also available) every night for three weeks straight and loved it. We found it to be comfortable and supportive, with our only gripe being that we had to fluff the pillow each morning to help it regain its shape. We found that it stayed cool to the touch too, so if sleeping hot (or drooling) leaves you feeling worried about odors on your pillow, then the Layla Kapok Pillow's microbial copper-infused cover has this taken care of and can help keep smells to a minimum.

The inner fill of the pillow contains a blend of shredded memory foam and natural kapok fibers (they have a down-like feel) with a high loft that works particularly well for side sleepers. You can also remove and adjust the fill to suit your own preference, meaning the pillow can be adapted for different sleeping styles. It's the best pillow for side and back sleepers prone to overheating, and we awarded it a high review score for performance, build quality and cooling.

Don't let the boxy shape of the Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow put you off; this is a supremely comfortable and supportive pillow with a stand-out design, and we found it to be a luxurious pillow with a hotel feel, but at a very reasonable price.

DreamCloud's only pillow is a premium option, with a solid memory foam core infused with cooling copper gel. This means that it won't trap heat in the night, and it's also nicely moldable with plenty of cradling support for your head, neck and shoulders.

If you're of an average to tall body frame, however, you should get on perfectly well with the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow. It's a little on the expensive side (but regularly available at a welcome 25% discount), but its premium construction and strong cooling properties, not to mention its balance of moldability and support, make it a good choice for anyone above a certain height who wants a good night's sleep without neck ache in the morning.

The Casper Original Pillow feels as plush as a down pillow thanks to the millions of hypoallergenic microfibers that are used to fill it. The big selling point of the Casper Original Pillow is how quickly it adapts to different sleeping positions, making it an ideal choice for combination sleepers who move from side to stomach to back sleeping during the night.

The pillow offers stable neck alignment, thanks to a two-inch gusset. However, this design feature could mean the Casper Original Pillow isn't so suitable if you sleep on your side, being too firm or high for a dedicated side sleeper. You might also want something flatter if you sleep on your stomach, so check out the low loft option for this pillow instead.

It's a little high maintenance, as fluffing the pillow requires a little extra fussing based on Casper's dual-pillow design. (Fortunately, we didn't fluff our test pillow every day and it still maintained its shape and comfort well, but over time you'll want to make it a more regular practice.) You'll need to wash it too, and you can learn some easy ways to do this in our feature on how to wash a pillow. Fortunately, both layers of the Casper Original Pillow are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

There are three different pillow heights to choose from, each designed to suit different sleeping styles and frames. The low Purple Harmony Pillow works for small to medium frames, and stomach and back sleepers, while the medium is good for medium to large frames and combination sleepers.

The Zoey is the best pillow for sleepers experiencing neck and shoulder pain, as it gives your shoulders plenty of space and helps keep your spine aligned. The Zoey Side Sleeper Pillow is certified toxin-free and comes with a five-year warranty, which is better than most other warranties on pillows in this guide.

The Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow is a fine option if you're looking for an all-natural pillow with great cooling properties. It's made with latex and an organic cotton cover, both of which are hypoallergenic, and in our Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow review our reviewer, who has a latex allergy, had no problems sleeping on it.

As for the temperature regulation, this was a success too. Our reviewer tends to sleep hot, but found that this pillow's breathable latex filling and naturally cooling cotton cover didn't trap body heat at all. We also appreciated the washable cover, however we were less impressed by the non-adjustable fill, and the fact that it needs to be plumped daily for to maintain its shape.

Can't decide what sort of pillow you want? If you're torn between different firmness levels and aren't sure whether you want a cooling pillow or not, the Molecule All-Season Pillow could be the answer to your prayers.

It's an all-purpose pillow that covers all the bases; it has a cool side and a warm side, and it it has a clever feature that enables you to easily adjust its firmness. You use the zippers on either side of the pillow to make the adjustment; both sides zipped for firm, one side unzipped for medium, and both sides unzipped for a soft pillow.

In our Molecule All-Season Pillow review we found that this wasn't quite as effective as adding or removing filling, but nevertheless this is a comfortable and supportive pillow, and we also found that the cooling properties worked really well. Unfortunately the construction means that you can't take the cover off to wash it, but instead have to wash the entire pillow, and also there's no choice of loft options. However we found that its versatility and pricing combined to make this a strong choice for your next pillow. 041b061a72


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