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Download Pokemon Lightning Yellow Gba Rom ((FULL))

Professor Oak is there as a main lead role in the area, having a lab in this region. The story have some twists as the game moves forward and you find new pokemon to train and fight. Professor is testing your skills by lending you a pokemon to catch the Pikachu at the beginning like in Pokemon Greninja-Z . You being a fresh and new trainer in the area move forward and catch some awesome pokemon. But that all depends on you how to catch the Pikachu first, because it is little bit hard for you to complete these types of missions. These types of missions makes you feel more proud if you complete it on time, but this time its a huge challenge for you to catch the Pikachu. Again it depends on your skills. Have you played the previous versions of pokemon yellow, then you can do it.

Download Pokemon Lightning Yellow Gba Rom

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