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Complete Body Home Workout

The dumbbell only home or gym full body workout focuses on the use of heavy compound lifts, and allows you to maximize muscle gains with minimal equipment. This workout can be run for an extended period of time. As long as you are experiencing strength and muscle gains, stick with this routine! Here are some key elements to maximizing progress:

complete body home workout

Hi, I believe that my body can handle more than beginners because I have finished my workout program on another website as well before coming across this website. And my concern is that I want to try the intermediate level of these workout sets, 3 days is my ideal plan so is there any way I can modify it to meet my standard, for example, increase sets or reps or pick another workout program?

Hi, thanks for replying appreciate it. The reason I wanted to stick with this program is that I only have dumbbells at the moment, and I couldn't find any workouts regarding the intermediate level of 3 days full body with dumbbells only. Thx for the suggestions btw, by any chance that I can receive the link for the workouts you mentioned that might suits me?

I've completed 11 weeks of this program and will have access to a gym in a few weeks. Thank you so much for this routine as its been so useful as a beginner. Do you have any reccommendations about any 3-4 day gym routines that would be best as a progression from this workout routine.

Love, love this one! As a runner, I especially appreciate the purely strength workouts (vs. HIIT, which I enjoy, too, but often I want just strength without a lot of jumping.) This and the 25-minute full body are favorites I come back to over and over. Thanks for all you do!

Bodyweight exercises will make your at-home workout challenging no matter your fitness level. Start with our beginner routine, and in just a matter of months, you could be well on your way to mastering the advanced routine. Earn that sweat equity today!

Then, to target the long head of the triceps which has yet to be emphasized in this workout, you can simply switch over and perform tricep extensions. Again, you want to keep that elbow locked in place. And your body in a straight line. Alternatively, these can also be done like so on an elevated platform.

2) If you want a daily prompt for doing workouts at home, check out NF Journey. Our fun habit-building app helps you exercise more frequently, eat healthier, and level up your life (literally).

As you get stronger, you can add a fourth weight day and try splitting the days between upper- and lower-body workouts. And be sure to reserve at least 2 days per week to let your body rest and recover. Your plan could look something like this:

The push-up is one of the most efficient bodyweight exercises you can do to build strength in your chest and triceps. But it also gives your shoulders, core muscles, lower back, and lower body a workout.

If you are doing this workout just to try it out, then I would suggest you choose the workout A variation. That said, if you opt to do a more comprehensive total body split workout routine then you will want to either incorporate workouts A and B into a twice a week plan or, even better, alternating A and B on M, W and F each week.

In many ways, it is very similar to traditional gym workouts that involve free weights. The only difference is that you have to learn how to use your body weight to create different levels of intensity for each muscle group.

Workouts without weights at home can be performed by anyone and everyone, regardless of their experience level. What we mean by that is that bodyweight workouts can be scaled up or down in difficulty and complexity depending on your own individual skill and strength levels.

And you don't need any fancy equipment- a set of dumbbells will suffice. The latest fitness statistics show that the popularity of home workouts is on the rise, and dumbbells can be a key component of your home or garage gym.

This workout follows a common 3x/week full body training protocol and is designed for those who have access to a range of dumbbells and an adjustable workout bench. Before jumping into the split, let's look at a few important principles.

Frequency refers to the number of training sessions that are performed each week (4). This workout involves 3 full-body workouts per week. If you are new to weightlifting, you may find that your body cannot recover quickly enough for each session. If this is the case, start with 2 workouts per week, then move up to 3 when you feel ready.

Combine a few of these exercises to create your own at-home workout, or add them to an existing workout. Ideally, you want to work each muscle group at least twice a week, Hammond says. Here, he recommends the best body-weight moves for each muscle group.

Maintaining muscle strength helps support joints, so add this full-body muscle-strengthening workout to your home exercise routine. It can be done inside or in your own backyard. Start with this move. A) Sit in a sturdy chair or bench with feet flat on ground and in line with knees. B) Keeping your back straight and arms forward, press heels down and stand. C) With your weight on your heels, slowly bend at hips and knees to sit. Repeat 8 to 12 times.

Full body training is one of the most efficient workout splits as it works for every major muscle group in your body. Usually, full body workouts include upper body, lower body, and core exercises. The main point of full-body training is that a variety of muscle groups is used, rather than one. This training approach is also used by bodybuilders to build a foundation of their lean muscle mass. The best thing about it is that full-body training is effective for anyone, regardless of the training experience.

This is another great full-body exercise that combines the benefits of push-ups and squats and can take your cardio endurance to new heights. You can do a 2-minute drill and test your physical and mental strength or you could try out a descending burpee ladder workout. Kick it off with 10 burpees, then stop for a minute to catch your breath. And repeat, continuing to lower the number of the reps. If you want to add intensity to your workout, you can jump out of the squat into the standing position. If you feel that the exercise is too difficult for you at first, you can remove the push-up stage to make it easier.

Stair climbing has plenty of benefits, it can help build and tone muscles, burn fat and calories, reduce cholesterol levels, and increase stamina and energy. Develop a habit, choose stairs instead of the elevator every day, this will not only improve your body complexion but will also boost your health. Besides, you can do a workout that includes stair climbing. Climb to the top of a set of stairs, then climb back down. Rest for a few seconds and repeat this for a minute or as long as you can. To have a better weight-loss effect, climb stairs one step at a time. A study of 14 people in the journal PLoS One found that although the action of climbing two steps expended more energy than taking a single step, climbing a staircase one step at a time burned more calories (5).

A famous trainer and fitness model Shaun Stafford has shared a top-notch full-body workout plan for men that will help you achieve your personal fitness goal. The expert states that this fitness plan will be perfect for anybody who wants to increase their muscle size and strength.

Sure! A full-body workout is an excellent option, as it targets multiple muscles simultaneously in every exercise. If your goal is to build muscle mass and strength, then a total-body workout is definitely the right choice for you. This fitness approach is considered to be extremely efficient as it involves optimal training frequency and enough time for the body to recover between training sessions.

Full-body workouts work very well when it comes to weight loss as they make different muscles work during the training program which results in burning more calories. The study shows that regular full-body workouts boost the fat-burning process compared with typical split-style training. One of the researches shows that people who were doing total-body workouts three times a week lost more body fat than those who performed a typical split-style workout plan (4).

The Sweat app includes an eight-week introduction to High Intensity with Kayla and is the perfect program to help you build confidence and progress in your training. It uses fundamental movements to work your ENTIRE body in a home or gym environment.

This beginner workout is made up of four circuits that contain three exercises each. Set a timer for seven minutes and complete the movements in Circuit 1, taking a 30-second rest at the end of each lap so you can maintain your form throughout the whole workout. Rest for 60 seconds before beginning Circuit 2. Repeat both circuits again for a full 28-minute workout!

If you have any questions about the exercises in this home workout video or any other weight loss or fitness inquires, feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to one of our on-staff Personal Trainers at 800-273-1686 ext. 4 or by email at:

Back to the upper body now and with this exercise you're going to be targeting your shoulders. To do this exercise correctly, you have to make sure that your arms are straight and parallel to the floor. Bringing them down even slightly lower can really affect how you target your shoulders, and you want to utilize this movement to hit all three heads of the deltoids. In order to maximize that, you HAVE to keep your arms parallel. Once in the starting position, you're simply going to turn the plate back and forth, going as far to the left and as far to the right as you can, until you complete all of your repetitions.

An intense full body workout doesn't have to be complicated, and you don't need access to a range of machines either. One plate is all you need to complete an extremely effective workout, which after your 5th round will leave you sore for days! So, get your mind right, grab a plate and SMASH that workout!


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