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Learning Radiology: Recognizing The Basics 4th ... _TOP_

Reviewer: Ashwin Rao, MD (Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University)Description: The study and mastery of radiology and its various component modalities can sometimes seem daunting and overwhelming because of its breadth and depth. This book provides an excellent foundation and introduction to key imaging modalities.Purpose: The purpose is to provide an easy-to-read introduction to key imaging modalities and to cover exactly what is required to effectively interpret medical images of all modalities in a time-friendly format. The online content effectively supplements the book and helps to deliver on the stated objectives.Audience: According to the author, "this text is oriented more towards students, interns, residents, residents-to-be, and other health care professionals who are just starting out," and is not intended to be encyclopedic. The book certainly delivers on this premise with an easy-to-read, time-friendly format with bulleted text and an abundance of images, colorized graphics, and charts. Dr. Herring is a well-respected radiologist from Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, and is the creator of the website Key concepts are presented in boldface and bulleted text. A wealth of high-quality annotated radiograph, CT, MR, and ultrasound images are used, as well as informative colorized graphics, charts, and visual aids. The book covers a wide array of common and uncommon diagnoses and emphasizes a pattern recognition approach. Diagnostic pitfalls, important and take-home points, and links are scattered throughout the book. Additional interesting concepts that the book discusses include patient safety, dose reduction, and radiation protection.Assessment: This is a fabulous introduction to the basics and fundamentals of the various radiology and imaging modalities as well as pattern recognition associated with common and uncommon diagnoses. While the book may be somewhat insufficient on its own as a textbook for any one imaging modality, it is indispensable as a reference and would certainly make for a quick and comprehensive high-yield read prior to an in-service exam or the assumption of on-call responsibilities.

Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics 4th ...

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