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Where Do You Buy Spanx

Carly Totten is a devotee of wearable fashion and home decor, and is known for highlighting her latest cozy finds, including clothing, bedding, and travel accessories. Carly has honed her experience over the past decade where she has contributed to a dozen national publications as an expert lifestyle source. Her bylines have appeared in Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, InStyle, Homes & Gardens, and more. Follow her on Instagram.

where do you buy spanx

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When they work, Spanx are a wonderous thing. They secretly, discreetly slim you down and shape you up, giving you smoother curves where you didn't realise you had them. However, when they don't work they are uncomfortable, annoying and a general pain to wear.

This is where most people go wrong with buying Spanx. They usually buy it in too small a size. This DOES NOT make you look any smaller. What it does do is squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste and give you bulges and bumps where they should not be.

The right size Spanx will taper off where it finishes (for example on the thighs where the legs end). This leaves you with a smooth line under your clothes and a much more comfy pair of Spanx!

Take your time putting your Spanx on. Put them on a bit like a pair of tights where possible. Roll them into an O shape and work them up your legs. Then roll the legs down and pull the body up.

Lots of Spanx styles now have additional "bum shaping" built into them. This is where the fabric is zoned to help push up your bottom. This makes it look much rounder and more perky - gone are those uni-bum flat bum shapers of yester year!

Flare jeans were popular when I was in college in the late '90s; I will forever associate them with Contempo Casuals, where I worked for a year. And while I have a pair of flares that I occasionally break out, they've never quite fit how I imagined they would: ideally super slim through the waist, hips, and thighs, flaring out below the knee in a way that elongates the leg in a '70s Lauren Hutton kind of vibe. When the proportions are even slightly off, flare jeans can make one's legs look wider and trunk-y, but I am happy to report that the Spanx flare jeans do none of those things. They are, hands down, the most flattering pair of flare jeans I've ever worn.

Nicol Natale is a freelance writer and editor based in Hawai'i. After spending several years working at brands like Prevention, Woman's Day, and Business Insider in New York City, Nicol decided to leave the city life behind for island living. Today, she lives a flexible lifestyle where she can marry all of her passions, including writing, yoga, singing, and adventuring out in nature. Her work has been featured in brands like Women's Health, Good Housekeeping, EverydayHealth, and more. As a fellow of the Association of Health Care Journalists' 2018 class, Nicol is most passionate about covering health and wellness, although her work has spanned many verticals including lifestyle, beauty, fashion, business, and more. When Nicol isn't writing, you can almost always find her outside practicing yoga, strumming on her ukelele, or enjoying a beautiful sunset with friends. Connect with Nicol at her website or on Instagram @nicolnatale.

Lexie Sachs (she/her) is the executive director of the Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she researches, tests and reports on fabric-based products ranging from sheets, mattresses and towels to bras, fitness apparel and other clothing. She also evaluates luggage, rain gear, disposable paper goods and baby products. Lexie has more than 15 years of experience in the textiles industry and a degree in fiber science from Cornell University. Prior to joining GH in 2013, she worked in merchandising and product development in the fashion and home industries. 041b061a72


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