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Monster, Vol. 7: The Perfect Edition Book Pdf [UPDATED]

Finally, in a sweeping category I love the NPC section, as it expands the very useful but relatively limited NPC section in the 5th edition monster manual. Not only do we get pictures (unlike in the aforementioned monster manual) for every NPC, and the statistics can easily be used for a plethora of occasions. This is a good addition to the Tome of Beasts, but actually makes me wish that Kobold press would put out a book of NPCs on its own!

Monster, Vol. 7: The Perfect Edition book pdf


Now, my dislikes of this book were actually few and shallow. I have to end this review by saying that I love this book, it was very well done, and it is an essential book for anyone serious about running 5th edition games. It should be essential if you love bestiaries as I do, and fancy just paging through monsters for any reason. This book is essential as a designer, because every stat block tells a story through its intricate use of the rules.

Few, did I say? There are over 400 new 5th edition creatures ranging from a Nihileth Aboleth (listed under Aboleth, Nihileth) to Zmey. There is a very comprehensive Table of Contents. There is also a very handy Monsters by Challenge Rating index for, believe it or not, everything fro CR 1/8 (yes, folks, that is one eighth CR) to CRs of 20 or more. In fact, the only thing keeping me from giving this tome a perfect 5 is the lack of an index. 350c69d7ab


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