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Brand New Eyes Paramore Download Album

On April 29, 2009, it was revealed that the band's next album would be released in September.[27] The first single from the album was "Ignorance", which was made available via digital download on July 7, on the same date the album became available for pre-order on Paramore's official website.[28] Brand New Eyes was released on September 29 through Fueled by Ramen. The album's cover, an image of a butterfly divided from its wings, inspired the line "The angles were all wrong / Now she's ripping wings off of butterflies".[29][30] Two versions of the album were made available: a standard CD edition as well as a deluxe, limited edition package that has sold out worldwide. The deluxe version included the album on CD with the acoustic versions of Where The Lines Overlap and Ignorance, a 40-page hardcover journal written by Hayley Williams, an exclusive poster that comes with only the box set, a booklet with the lyrics from all the songs from Brand New Eyes, a color vinyl 7-inch single with the acoustic versions of Ignorance and Where The Lines Overlap, one picture of each band member, a certificate of authenticity, and a DVD featuring a 30 minute long exclusive 'making-of' documentary.[31] The CD was also one of the first to use iTunes LP.

brand new eyes paramore download album

The band had intended to record the album in their hometown of Franklin, Tennessee, they ended up recording in Calabasas, California with producer Rob Cavallo; he also produced the song Decode by Paramore for the film Twilight. The name "brand new eyes" was used for the album as it represented the overcoming of their issues and how they saw each of the other band members.

The first single off the album was Ignorance, written by Hayley Williams, and Josh Farro. The video for the song is more abstract than the rest of the Paramore music videos. This is followed by Brick by Boring Brick. It featured one of the videos in which Paramore has no performance shots, (the others are Now, Ain't It Fun, Still Into You and Fake Happy) just acting. The third single off of brand new eyes is The Only Exception. It is a ballad, and the video was released on February 17, on It released as a single on April 10, 2010. The fourth single is Careful. It released as a single June 12, 2010. The video is a collection of live videos, of concerts and the band fooling about. The fifth and final single off the album was Playing God, which was a sequel to Ignorance. It had featured Hayley's home, where she had tied up the rest of the band and kept it a secret from the rest of the world. The music video was released on November 16, 2010, and was the last to include both Josh and Zac Farro. 350c69d7ab


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