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Rise Of The Witch King 2.02 Crack

The AI now uses almost all the abilities of all units, heroes, CAH (Create-A-Hero), even structures. When i looked, i noticed that alot of the AI doesnt even work (or even exist) such as Gloin's earthshaker which was treated like Word of Power instead of a target area ability. I greatly modified these parts and you will notice abilities activating very frequently by computer, especially when an enemy hero is sighted. Took a lot of my time to fix, and even had to remake a few abilities entirely to properly work. Because of the new AI mechanics, heroes can be more effective with all of their abilities (especially if they managed to reach rank 10). The Balrog AI is now set to be summoned on armies instead of the base and Tom Bombadil's AI now allows him to use Sonic Song on enemies. The fortresses now use their abilities: Gorgoroth Spire, Wizard Tower, Mighty Catapult, and the Witch-king's Sanctum can destroy armies. Ivory Tower will be frequently used by men faction to see enemies, and Magma Cauldron, Oil Casks, and Boiling Oil will be used by the Fortress if weakened enough. The Elven and Goblin Fortress will eventually summon their fortress unit. The mini hero hordes can use their abilities which make them really effective in game. With AI no working with 99% of all abilities, you may be surprised on how strong some units actually are.

rise of the witch king 2.02 crack

-you can now recruit nazguls in the troll cage!!! You can recruit up to 3 simultaneously just like the ones in the siege works, but these are the fell beast versions! I did this for 2 main reasons, first is so mordor can recruit more nazguls faster by having 3 sources of nazgul production, and second reason is so mordor can have more fell beasts available. With witch-king, khamul, morgomir, and the 3 nazgul in the troll cage you can have a total of 6 flying nazgul to call upon for an air strike! 350c69d7ab


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