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Head For Business Intermediate Teacher's Book Download

if you could youre as creative as michael hart, as talented as stephen king, as enthralling as mark twain, or as renowned as barack obama, you would create the perfect online course to sell to tens of thousands of potential students. but if its as easy as it seems to create a website, a course, a product or a book, how do you get there? what advice can you offer to aspiring authors? this book shows you exactly how. its a step-by-step guide to creating a simple, yet highly effective, online learning program using the latest tools available on the web. a online course in itself can be a very valuable sales tool. from this book, you will learn how to create an online course that can be used to sell profitable products and services, or simply as a keystone course to attract targeted visitors.

Head For Business Intermediate Teacher's Book Download

over the past two decades, online courses have become incredibly valuable to millions of people around the world . currently, millions of people are using online courses to learn about everything from grammar to world history. many businesses are now relying on these courses to improve productivity, as well as reduce costs by creating a large pool of cheap, fresh and highly skilled labor. this book teaches you the mechanics of creating and producing an online course that will sell with incredible effectiveness. author david frist has experience in both as a: author of online courses and a: online course production consultant .

the belief that youre either good enough or bad enough to succeed is almost certainly wrong. and the 80/20 rule is a myth. there is a vanguard of people who are so outstanding, they dont need any advice. they are also not the smartest or most talented. they simply work and hone their abilities. theyre the best of the best. this book introduces the study of elite performers and shows how you can learn from their lives in order to improve your own performance, increase your success, and outdo yourself.


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