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Group Facilitator: Marlene VelasquezAdelante Mujeres is a group designed to provide a safe and supportive environment to explore personal experiences on campus, gain emotional support, promote self-care, and enhance community among Chicana/Latina students. As an informal support group, there is no commitment to therapy and you will be invited to share as comfortably as you wish.Este grupo es gratuito y sera un compromiso de seis. El compromiso de asistir las seis semanas ayuda a crear una mejor experiencia grupal y brindar apoyo colectivo. Es preferido que las participantes se sientan comodas expresandose en Español ya que el grupo sera facilitado completamente en ese idioma.Los temas semanales serán decididos por el grupo y pueden incluir:- Adjusting to college- Getting connected on campus- Managing mood and self-care- Navigating multiple identities- Chicana mental health- Ancestral knowledge and cultural mental health practices- Relationships, etc.Students who identify as transgender female, gender fluid, and/or cisgender female are welcome to join.

Lavender Man Online Gratuito



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