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IOS 9.3 Public Beta Is Now Out

The public beta version of iOS 9.3 for non-developer testers is now available. The first iOS 9.3 beta was first released earlier this week to registered developers and includes a number of new mid-cycle features and enhancements. These include secure passwords and Touch ID protection for Notes, a new Night Shift feature to adjust display temperate in the evening, and expanded 3D Touch quick actions on the latest iPhones. iOS 9.3 Beta 1.1 is also available for registered developers.

iOS 9.3 public beta is now out


Apple today released the first beta of an upcoming iOS 9.3.3 update for public beta testers, one day after seeding the first iOS 9.3.3 beta to developers. iOS 9.3.3 comes one week after the release of iOS 9.3.2, an update focusing primarily on bug fixes.

After a brief hiatus for the holiday season, Apple has once again rebooted the beta testing cycle. Starting this afternoon, iOS 16.3 beta 2 is rolling out to developers alongside iPadOS 16.3 beta 2 and more. Head below for the full details on these updates.

In a tweet last month, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said the iOS 16 public beta should be released during the week of July 11. Gurman said the public beta is expected to correspond with the third developer beta of iOS 16 released last week.

It's unclear which day of the week the iOS 16 public beta will be released. Given that embargoed reviews of the new MacBook Air are expected to be published on Thursday, it is possible that Apple will opt to release the iOS 16 public beta by Wednesday at the latest to spread out the news. Last year, the iOS 15 public beta was released on a Wednesday.

At WWDC last month, Apple announced that public betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16 would be released in July. Apple will also be releasing a public beta of HomePod software version 16, which is based on tvOS.

To get ready for the iOS 16 public beta, sign up for the free Apple Beta Software Program directly on an iPhone. The program lets you install a custom profile on your device that will enable you to install the beta over the air via Settings > Software Update when released. Public beta testers can provide feedback to Apple using the Feedback Assistant app.

While the iOS 16 beta has been relatively stable, it is still a beta, so you may encounter bugs, incompatible apps, reduced battery life, and other issues. Think carefully before deciding to install the public beta on an iPhone that you rely on for daily use.

Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly pointed out Android has hundreds of blue light apps, but Apple has not provided display APIs for iOS developers to create those types of apps. An app called F.lux was also pulled from the Apple App Store for violating private APIs to enable a feature that is similar to Night Shift. In response to the Night Shift feature in iOS 9.3, the developers behind F.lux publicly asked Apple to open the Night Shift API.

For iOS 9.3.2 beta 2, some minor adjustments to existing features have been noticed, like the ability to enable both Night Shift mode and Low Power Mode at the same time on an iPhone or iOS device, a function which is currently limited to either of the useful features but not both concurrently in iOS 9.3.1.

Users who are enrolled in the developer beta programs can download the beta builds right now through the Over The Air Software Update mechanism on their various iOS devices via the Settings app, Macs through the App Store, Apple Watch through their paired iPhone, or Apple TV through the Settings app.

Apple has made the first public beta of iOS 9 available to users who are interested in testing the the new operating system before widespread public release later in the year. iOS 9 runs on all devices able to run iOS 8, but beta software is notoriously buggy, unreliable, and finicky, making the usage of public beta system software best reserved for secondary iPhone and iPad devices or for more advanced users.

Anyone can register to participate in the iOS 9 Public Beta program, all that is required is an Apple ID and a device compatible with iOS 9. If you are planning on running an iOS 9 beta, be sure to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch beforehand, preferably to both iTunes and iCloud.

As already mentioned, iOS beta software is typically buggy and underperforms compared to the experience most users are accustomed to with stable builds of iOS, thus, it is best for more advanced users to run beta software. Running an iOS beta build on a secondary piece of hardware is also fine, as long as expectations are adjusted for the beta software.

Before you can download iOS 9 beta on your computer, you need to be enrolled in the iOS Developer Program, which costs $99/year. Similarly, if you know someone who is already enrolled, they can add your device to their account for free.

Right when you sign in, you'll be asked to accept a couple of agreements in regards to the new beta builds available. After that, head over to the iOS Download page, find iOS 9 beta, then select your device from the three options below it: iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Once you select your option, the beta build will download on your computer automatically.

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iOS 16 has reached the public beta stage and in plain English, that means you can download and try iOS 16 right now. Yes, after almost over a month since its release, Apple has extended the iOS 16 update to beta testers around the world. This being the first beta, the update could break your iPhone experience, or it may work like a charm. Hence, if you want to download it, do it at your own risk. Note that this is the public beta version and Apple still hasn't given an exact timeframe to release iOS 16 as a stable update for all iPhone users.

Note that iOS 16 is still in beta and hence, you need to opt for the Apple Beta Software Program in order to try it out. This comes with its own set of quirks, such as bugs and broken features. Hence, try it at your own risk.

I must have been taunting the software-update gods yesterday when I wrote that Apple advises people to install beta software on a secondary device, then promptly turned around and tried to install the iOS 9 beta on my primary device.

Before installing any new release of WatchOS, it's always a good idea to have a current backup of your Apple Watch. While most of Apple's public software releases are pretty stable, it's still possible for things to go wrong during the update process.

Apple has begun rolling out the public beta of the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system. It's called iOS 9, and there are a few changes that are going to make big differences in the way you use your iPhone.

Another year, another Apple software update. On Monday, Apple announced the features of its latest upcoming iOS update, iOS 9.3. The new update, which hasn't been widely released but is offered as a beta update, comes with a variety of new features, ranging from apps made specifically for the classroom and a screen filter for nighttime use. Apple users can sign up for the software beta via Apple's website.

Apple released iOS 9 in September to coincide with the release of the iPhone 6s. The tech company usually releases one major iOS per year, with smaller updates following that. But iOS 9.3 was unexpected, given that, as of Tuesday, Apple's iOS 9.2.1 has yet to be publicly released, Forbes reported.


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