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Girlfriend Blowjob

When I was in college, I had this girlfriend who was into experimenting with new sexual situations. One afternoon, my roommate, my girlfriend and I were all watching TV together in the living room. My girlfriend and I were on the couch, and my best friend/roommate was sitting in the recliner chair next to us as we all sat and watched TV. My girlfriend was lying on the couch next to me, with her head in my lap, and I was in a sitting position. To my surprise, she must have been getting a bit horny, because she started rubbing my cock with her hand on the outside of my jeans while she laid there with her head in my lap. I was shocked, but I also started to get a hard on. I couldn't believe she was doing this with my best friend sitting right next to us, and he did not have a clue as to what we were doing.

girlfriend blowjob

I couldn't believe my girlfriend was continuing this tease, and next she pulled the covers completely over her head while she was on my lap, and now she could clearly see my hard cock in her hand under the covers. She continued to slowly stroke my cock in this position, having a close up view of the enjoyment she was giving me under the blanket. And still, my friend never looked over to see what we were doing. It was so hard not to moan during this torture time.

Next, she was amazing as she moved slightly forward, and she actually began to put the head of my cock into her mouth. First she licked the head, then she slid the head into her mouth and back out, and then she went deeper down onto my cock. I could not believe she was actually giving me a blowjob right there next to my friend, although he had no idea what she was doing to me. In fact, I don't think he even noticed her head was under the covers in my lap. Wow, this felt amazing!

My girlfriend continued to suck my cock in long slow strokes, using both of her hands and her mouth to pleasure the full length of my hard cock. I was amazed she could do this quietly, and I was even more amazed that I could hold back my moans of pleasure and keep my hips from arching up into her mouth even further. She continued to suck my cock, and I thought for sure that she would stop before I came, and then leave me in a total state of frustration. But she just kept sucking at a slow and steady pace, up and down on my hard cock.

I was now starting to get to that point of no return. I definitely could feel the pressure building, and I knew that I was soon going to cum, whether she stopped or not. I could feel my cum starting to move from my balls into the shaft of my cock, and soon to the head of my cock, and she continued sucking on my cock not letting my head come out of her mouth at any time. Finally, my cock started to explode into her mouth, and she just kept sucking away. I couldn't believe how much I was cumming, and I know that I was filling her mouth with cum. She had to keep swallowing in order to keep up with the loads of cum which I was giving her. Finally my orgasm was starting to subside, and I was trying hard not to make any noise of my orgasm, or move such that my friend would take notice of what was going on. I finally stopped cumming and my girlfriend let my cock slip from her mouth. All of this, and my friend in the chair next to us never realized what had just happened.

Next my girlfriend pulled the blanket from her head and sat up near me with a big smile on her face. She leaned forward and gave me a big French kiss on the mouth, and I could taste my own cum on her mouth as she stuck her tongue into my mouth and shared some of my cum during the kiss. We kissed for quite some time, and I could tell that it turned her on having me French kiss her with cum having just filled her mouth. We finally stopped kissing, and she whispered into my ear softly that maybe next time she will suck both me and my friend until both of us cum in her mouth. OMG, I can't believe she said that, and now I'm hard thinking about that next experience yet to come.

Sweet story, brought me back to a back-seat ride in a staionwagon once. My buddy's girlfriend 'pretending' to doze, blanket over her head, went from me to him. Delicious, illicit, just like your tale. 041b061a72


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