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shoemaster custom ortho (orthopedic footwear) is a flexible and agile system for creating orthopedic shapes and models, adapting them to the needs of each patient. the shapes can be easily modified according to the measurements and the detected profiles; standard models can be quickly transferred to them.this package contains the latest version of shoemaster with the following files: sh02.themes.rar. the following is the list of files contained in shoemaster v71 13 full version: size: 34.3 mb - version: 13.03.03 - type: rar file sh02.rar features: 0.23 mb - size: 34.rar; sh01.rar - size: 4.4 mb - version: 13.03 - type: zip file sh02.html - size: 4.html.html - size: 1.5 mb - version: 13.03 - type: html file - size: - size: 776 kb - version: - size: 776 kb - version: 13.03 - type: zip file - decompress using winrar - secur..completely new user interface is brought to you by the development team. all functions are logically grouped into blocks, so you can quickly find what you are looking for, and access it directly. functionality enhancements include: general improvements, especially for the 3d printers, power shoemaster, shoemaster classic, and shoemaster power:* the fast and efficient layer placement (layerpro) can be configured for multi-cylinder 3d printers and multi-head plotters. it is also possible to specify the additional number of layers to be placed after each print. * automatic detection of the print head and its position on the 3d printer or the plotter, and automatic detection of the paper size. 6a6f617c0c




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