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30 Minutes Of Relaxing Fire Sounds, Fireplace, ...

The "HD Winter Christmas" yule log stream features a rustic cabin and a view of snow falling. The focal point is the large stone fireplace, which puts off relaxing crackling sounds for two hours and 30-minutes.

30 Minutes of Relaxing Fire Sounds, Fireplace, ...

Travel straight to Arendelle with Disney+'s Frozen-themed yule log. The "Arendelle Castle Yule Log" stream provides three hours of a festive castle fireplace, with stockings hung by the fire, presents in the right corner, and an Arendelle crest above the fireplace. There is no music, but a satisfying crackling noise coming from the fire.

Located just minutes from the numerous hiking trails and waterfalls of Promised Land State Park, relax in the secluded tranquility and scenic beauty of the aptly named, the little A. This charming, two-bedroom A-frame cottage with its two-story high windows offers the perfect vantage point to spy the turkeys and other birds, fox, and deer that often laze around the backyard. Enjoy all the modern amenities, including the 60-inch smart TV, and relax by the wood-burning fireplace that fills the cabin with coziness and warmth, or by the outdoor fire pit.

Nothing says unique like waking up to the sounds of a nearby creek as you step outside onto a wooden porch and smell that crisp country air. Creekside Cabin offers all the quaint country charms and more. Explore the nearby trails and then relax by the fire when you return. The cabin holds up to 10 guests with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, including a horseshoe pit. The real treat is the location. Located only 30 minutes from Carlisle, the host has put together a one-of-a-kind, self-guided micro-brewery, winery, cidery, and distillery tour for you sip your way through the town.

Whenever you use your fireplace, smoke leaves a byproduct that coats the interior of your flue. This byproduct is called creosote. As you continue to use your fireplace, creosote buildup grows thicker and thicker. Because creosote is highly flammable, and because the buildup reduces the functional size of your flue, creosote creates a significant hazard. 041b061a72


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