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[S1E2] The Glass Ceiling

To focus, though, House of the Dragon episode 2 should pick up with young Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock) having been chosen as the heir to the Iron Throne by her father King Viserys (Paddy Considine). Of course, she is breaking the proverbial glass ceiling, being set to hold to a position no woman has in all of Westeros' history.

[S1E2] The Glass Ceiling

When Walt returns to the house, Jesse informs him of Skyler's visit and that he dissolved Emilio's body in the bathtub without having to buy the plastic bin. In horror, Walt hurries into the hallway beneath the upstairs bathroom. Sizzling liquid can be seen seeping from the ceiling through the floor. Suddenly, the ceiling collapses followed by a cascade of gore, a mixture of hydrofluoric acid and Emilio's half-dissolved remains. Walt turns to Jesse and states the reason he asked for a plastic container: hydrofluoric acid eats through most materials except plastic. In the basement, Krazy-8 eyes a growing puddle of acidic fluid dripping onto the basement floor. Meanwhile, out in the desert, two Native American children find Walt's discarded gas mask.

[59] The Romans took mosaic-making to the level of fine art. At first glance these pictures look like paintings, but they're actually exquisite micro-mosaics, made of thousands of tiny, pixel-like chips of stone and glass. Notice the natural poses, shading, perspective. This is the Roman realism that would inspire Renaissance artists over a thousand years later in Florence.

[60, Studio KoKo Mosaico workshop, Ravenna] And this art form is timeless. From ancient times until modern, artists have made delightful mosaics. The art of mosaic-making is still alive and well. The process is much the same today as in ancient Roman times. Minerals are baked into glass to make a rainbow of colors. The colored glass and gold leaf pieces are broken with a hammer, then artfully set in wet cement. The results: beautiful today as they were in the days of Caesar. 041b061a72


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