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1 Osu Relax Hack

OHI/O, our partnering student organizations, and our sponsors are hosting a series of great events leading up to the hackathon. These events include tech talks, workshops, and social gatherings that help students prepare for the hackathon, gather ideas, and build teams!

1 Osu Relax Hack

7:00 - 8:00 PM @ Caldwell 120 Join us to hear from representatives of Teradata and Cisco. Their teams will give an overview of the dataset that hackers will use to complete their Smart Cities HackOHI/O challenge. Check out the challenge here.

if it is a ranked map on bancho (or another LEGITIMATE private server), it must have at LEAST a B rank pass with ANY mods, excluding relax and autopilot.

relax sub-gamemodes are completely exempt from rules 4 and 7. relax is not a ranked gamemode everywhere, and has more that is do-able when you remove the restraints of standard gameplay. 041b061a72


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