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it is necessary to underscore the fact that the commandments are not a collection of rules, but a path to be followed in life. they do not dictate a particular way of life or a certain pattern of behavior. they are not a form of legislation. they are a call to conversion. they point us to the ultimate goal, to the greatest good. 26 the commandments are not a means of coercion, but a way of loving. they always include freedom to decide, and they do not deny it; they are addressed to human responsibility. 68 they are not a set of rules, but a way of life. they invite us to interiorize and reflect on their content. 45 they are not a set of rules, but a way of loving.

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and yet, it is precisely because god has given man his own will, he has established the possibility of self-transformation, of self-perfection. man has the capacity to do good as well as evil. as such, he has the freedom to choose. when he chooses, he is acting in accordance with his divine vocation. hence, the morality of the new testament is not simply a list of rules and restrictions, but a profound understanding of human life, of the human condition as it is intended by god, and the task which the christian has towards this reality. this is why the church will never cease to pray: may our choices be guided by love, so that we may perfectly fulfil the good pleasure of our creator. this is the meaning of the commandment of love. 103

it is not merely a matter of knowing the truth and the good; it is not simply an obligation to do good, to follow the path of the just. this is a task which one can only accomplish by undertaking to become good oneself. the commandment of love is not only a gift for the church, but also a gift for every individual christian. this is the fundamental message of the sermon on the mount. the new testament tells us that the commandment of love is the fulfillment of the law of the old testament (cf. jn 13:34). we are called to become like god, to become god's image, his image of truth, justice, goodness, purity and life. this is the way to draw near to god, the way to know him in the love he has for us. it is the way to live a life of true freedom, by giving our heart to god.


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