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The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p Download - Best Quality and Fast Links

The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p: A Review

If you are looking for a romantic comedy movie with a twist of adventure and drama, you might want to check out The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p. This movie is a Hindi dubbed version of the 2018 Punjabi film Raja Abroadiya, directed by Lakhwinder Shabla and starring Robin Sohi, Vaishnavi Patwardhan, Yograj Singh, and Harry Verma. The movie was released on March 16, 2018, and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The movie has a runtime of 117 minutes and a rating of U/A (unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below the age of twelve).

the man Raja Abroadiya hindi dubbed 720p


The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p is a movie about a rich but spoiled young man named Raja (Robin Sohi) who wants to go abroad and settle there. He meets a girl named Preety (Vaishnavi Patwardhan) who is an aspiring actress and wants to go to Hollywood. They make a deal to get married and apply for a visa as a couple. However, things go wrong when they land in Germany and find out that they have been duped by an agent. They end up in a village where they have to face many challenges and adventures. Along the way, they also fall in love with each other.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Raja, a rich but irresponsible son of a landlord (Yograj Singh), who spends his time partying and flirting with girls. He has no interest in his father's business or his village. He dreams of going abroad and living a luxurious life. He meets an agent named Lucky (Harry Verma) who promises to send him to Germany for a hefty fee. Raja agrees and decides to find a girl who can marry him and get him a visa.

He meets Preety, a beautiful but struggling actress who works as a waitress in a restaurant. She wants to go to Hollywood and become a star. She also meets Lucky who offers her a chance to go to Germany as Raja's wife. Preety agrees and pretends to be in love with Raja. They get married in a fake ceremony and apply for a visa.

However, when they reach Germany, they realize that they have been cheated by Lucky who has taken their money and passports. They are left stranded in an airport with no money or documents. They manage to escape from the airport security and hitchhike their way to a village where they meet an old man named Baldev (Malkeet Rauni) who gives them shelter.

They pretend to be Baldev's relatives from India and try to adjust to the village life. They face many difficulties and misunderstandings as they encounter different people and situations in the village. They also start developing feelings for each other but do not express them.

Meanwhile, Lucky, who has been hiding in Germany, comes to know about Raja and Preety's whereabouts. He decides to take revenge on them and expose their fraud. He contacts Raja's father and tells him the truth about his son's marriage and location. He also informs the German police about Raja and Preety's illegal entry and fake marriage.

Raja's father, who is furious and ashamed, comes to Germany with his men to bring back his son. He confronts Raja and Preety and slaps them for their deceit. He also disowns Raja and tells him to never come back to India. The German police also arrive and arrest Raja and Preety for immigration fraud.

However, Baldev, who has grown fond of Raja and Preety, comes to their rescue. He reveals that he is actually a wealthy businessman who owns a chain of hotels in Germany. He had come to the village to live a simple life after losing his wife and son in an accident. He tells Raja's father that he considers Raja and Preety as his own children and that he will take care of them. He also shows the police the real marriage certificate of Raja and Preety, which he had secretly arranged for them. He convinces the police to drop the charges against them and let them go.

Raja and Preety are surprised and grateful to Baldev for his kindness and generosity. They also confess their love for each other and hug. Baldev blesses them and tells them to live happily in Germany. Raja's father, who is moved by Baldev's gesture, apologizes to Raja and Preety and accepts them as his son and daughter-in-law. He also reconciles with Baldev and invites him to visit India.

The movie ends with Raja and Preety celebrating their new life in Germany with Baldev, Lucky, who has become their friend, and other villagers.


The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p is a movie that tries to blend romance, comedy, drama, and adventure in one package. However, it fails to deliver on any of these aspects due to its weak script, poor direction, mediocre acting, and cliched plot.

The movie suffers from a lack of originality and creativity as it borrows heavily from other movies such as Namastey London, Jab We Met, DDLJ, etc. The movie also has many logical flaws and inconsistencies that make it hard to believe or relate to the characters or the situations. For example, how can Raja and Preety get married without any witnesses or documents? How can they escape from the airport without any security checks or cameras? How can they survive in a foreign country without any money or language skills? How can Baldev be so rich and powerful without anyone knowing about him?

The movie also fails to create any humor or emotion as it relies on cheap jokes, stereotypes, overacting, and melodrama. The movie does not explore the culture or the challenges of living abroad in a realistic or meaningful way. The movie also does not develop the characters or the relationships of Raja and Preety in a convincing or engaging way. The movie does not have any memorable scenes or dialogues that can make an impact on the viewers.

The movie also has poor production values as it has low-quality cinematography, music, editing, and dubbing. The movie does not have any songs that can add value or entertainment to the story. The movie also has many editing errors and continuity mistakes that can distract or annoy the viewers.


The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p is a movie that can be easily skipped as it does not offer anything new or interesting to the viewers. It is a movie that wastes the potential of its premise and its cast by delivering a dull and boring story that lacks humor, emotion, logic, or entertainment. It is a movie that can only appeal to those who have very low expectations or who are fans of Robin Sohi or Vaishnavi Patwardhan.

Some of the scenes or dialogues that can be remembered from the movie are:

  • The scene where Raja meets Preety for the first time in the restaurant and tries to impress her with his fake accent and attitude.

  • The scene where Raja and Preety get married in a fake ceremony with Lucky as the priest.

  • The scene where Raja and Preety reach Germany and find out that they have been cheated by Lucky.

  • The scene where Raja and Preety pretend to be Baldev's relatives from India.

  • The scene where Baldev saves Raja and Preety from the police and reveals his true identity.

Some of the lessons or takeaways from the movie are:

  • Money cannot buy happiness or love.

  • One should not judge a book by its cover or a person by their appearance.

  • One should be honest and loyal to their partner and family.

  • One should respect and appreciate different cultures and lifestyles.

  • One should never give up on their dreams and aspirations.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p:

  • Where can I watch or download The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p online?

You can watch or download The Man Raja Abroadiya Hindi Dubbed 720p online from various websites or apps that offer streaming or downloading services. However, you should be careful about the legality and quality of the source. Some of the popular and reliable platforms that you can use are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube, etc.

  • Is The Man Raja Abroadiya based on a true story or a book?

No, The Man Raja Abroadiya is not based on a true story or a book. It is an original story written by Lakhwinder Shabla, who is also the director of the movie.

  • Who is the singer of the song Raat Jashan Di from The Man Raja Abroadiya?

The singer of the song Raat Jashan Di from The Man Raja Abroadiya is Sharry Mann, who is a famous Punjabi singer and actor. The song is composed by Jatinder Shah and written by Baljit Singh Gharuan.

  • What is the meaning of Abroadiya in Hindi?

The meaning of Abroadiya in Hindi is someone who lives abroad or wants to go abroad. It is a slang term that is often used to mock or tease someone who has a fascination or obsession with foreign countries or cultures.

  • Is there a sequel or a prequel to The Man Raja Abroadiya?

No, there is no sequel or a prequel to The Man Raja Abroadiya. The movie is a standalone story that has a conclusive ending.



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