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Buy Toddler Cowboy Boots

There are some fantastic, printable foot-sizing charts that you can print at home to help you measure your child, toddler, or infant's feet. Or you can rely on a good old-fashioned piece of paper and ruler to measure.

buy toddler cowboy boots

Now that you have your child's foot measurements, don't forget to account for growing room. Kids grow fast, and you don't want to have to turn around and re-measure right after getting their new boots. Adding inch extra allows room for your kid's foot to grow so they can enjoy their boots for a while. Measure their feet and check boot or shoe fit every three months, or more often if they complain about pinching or discomfort.

If you've got the chance to visit us in person, we always encourage you to let your little cowgirls or cowboys test their boots before deciding. If your child is old enough, have them tell you how the boots feel while they walk around. This can help you find the most comfortable pair. And of course, we're more than happy to assist in the process!

Let your child's American spirit shine through when they pull on these patriotic boots from Roper. These boots have a flag themed shaft that will look great with any pair of jeans. The vintage look to these boots will make these a favorite in your child's closet. Give them something they will love when you give them these boots from Roper.

These little boots are absolutely perfect!! Got them for my great niece! She loves loves loves the squeak! She is more interested in walking now and her parents plan on doing a country photo with them all in boots! Shes a very lucky spoiled little miss who has grandparents on a farm who will be wearing boots too!! Thanks Wee Squeak! First the grandbabies now the great niece!! Loving it!

What started as a daydream from our founder, Paul Hedrick, has become the definitive direct-to-consumer western brand built on quality products and incredible service. We continue to earn the respect of the industry and the praises of cowboy boot enthusiasts far and wide. 041b061a72


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