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there are some torrent clients like bittorrent that have this idea that when youre downloading a file that you want to save it to disk, they actually compress it down before they upload it. this is a thing called delta encoding, where they try to basically encode only the differences in chunks between the previous chunk thats being uploaded and the current chunk. so if you have a torrent of size 200 kb and your previous chunk was 100 kb, and there was a new chunk of 5 kb that came in that you didnt have, theyd encode all that difference in a few bytes. so basically theyd use very little space, but theres a lot of data in the smaller bits.

The Copycat Dual Audio 720p Download Torrent


webtorrent doesnt do any of that. it never uploads anything to anybody. and theres no way it can handle very big files - it would be too slow - because it uploads the size of all of the files into the metadata that youre downloading, so you can actually just basically count up what files youre going to download and how big they are, and you dont actually need to upload anything until youre completely done downloading, and that just means theres no need to delta encode it, because you cant upload it until youre done downloading it.

so that means you dont need to upload the trackers, you dont need to upload the web and peer discovery, you dont need to upload the documents that help the client know how to route around the network, and how to deal with the peers, and the pieces that youre downloading. all those things happen before the client ever downloads any of it, so you dont have to actually upload those things.

ill give you a couple of examples of it. if i wanted to make a really large post in the future that would be impossible for google to find and shutdown and keep it from you. because it would be distributed in torrents, so its not on the google servers, its on thousands of distributed computers around the globe that people are sharing with each other. if i wanted to say i was writing on the google servers i wouldnt be able to stop it because i could just make a mirror site. but if i did something really malicious, like using javascript to wipe your hard drive, theres no way to really ensure that malicious activity is happening. because there are over 200 million torrent files out there, if i found some other website hosting that particular file, it would be impossible to make google shut that down or make it not searchable. if you look at google, theyre pretty good about shutting down things that they dont find, but if youre using torrents, its very hard to deal with.


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