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IKMultimeda MODO BASS V1.5.1 For Mac Free Download 2021

Start with the stock pickup or pickups for each bass model and set the volume balance independently for each. Want a different pickup in the neck position? No problem. There are 32 individual pickup models to choose from, each with its own tonal characteristics and personality. You can also freely move the pickups around in the pickup area providing you with virtually limitless options. Experiment with different pickups, different pickup positions and different playing positions all at the same time. With MODO BASS, you can create combinations that would be virtually impossible to accomplish without a lot of solder and wiring adjustments!

IKMultimeda MODO BASS v1.5.1 for Mac Free Download

MODO BASS offers 22 unique bass instruments to create exactly the right bass sound for your music. Under the MODEL tab you can browse through the different basses. MODO BASS 2.0 has expanded options with the addition of 2 fretless basses, 2 double basses and the freedom to make any bass a fretless*. 041b061a72


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