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Rachel Green Wedding Dress Buy !!LINK!!

In the episode The One with the Wedding Dresses, the women of the gang find hanging around the apartment in wedding dresses rather comforting. Here, Rachel is seen wearing the same wedding dress from season one. But why did she keep it? We know that her parents spend $40,000 dollars on her wedding (in 1994!). So, we can safely assume that the dress has to be worth a lot of money. Why as a financially struggling waitress would she keep that dress in her closet? Even secondhand, she could have sold it for a fair amount of money. What was she saving it for?

rachel green wedding dress buy

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Monica looked stunning in a cowl neck slip dress, which she wore as a bridesmaid in brother Ross's second wedding. (We tracked down a similar dress to shop right now (opens in new tab); you're welcome.) 041b061a72


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