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Pass Epic Mickey 2 The Power Of Two PC Full Game

The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting See Game Manual". Unleash the power of the brush in an all new co-op adventure. Join Mickey and Oswald in an epic battle to save the magical world of Wasteland and change it forever. Interact with your favorite characters like never before in the most heroic adventure yet.

pass Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two PC Full Game

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When Disney Epic Mickey arrived on Wii in time for the Holiday season in 2010, it attracted a lot of attention due to its concept and the development leadership of Warren Spector, one of the industry's most respected figures. Its relatively late arrival in the system's lifespan meant it pushed attractive visuals "for a Wii game", as well as implementing an interesting "choice" system that, although a little superficial, was a welcome attempt at some extra depth. It had its problems, but was gratefully snapped up by plenty of Mickey enthusiasts.

As you've probably guessed from the game's subtitle, this adventure has a major focus on co-op. In single-player, most of Oswald's actions are mercifully limited to using his electricity beam to power up outlets, or when there are two switches he'll happily jump on the other. When he's not being an irritant it works fine, but feels like an unnecessary fiddle as he does the bare minimum to help. If online co-op was an option then it'd be ideal to hop online to find someone to play with, and therefore make Oswald more useful in a fight, but it's local play only. The second player simply sets up a Remote and Nunchuk and drops in with a press of the 2 button; this switch to two-player is quick and splits the screen vertically, so pointer controls need a bit more precision. Graphical detail does drop a smidge, but thankfully the barely-acceptable framerate matches up to the single-player equivalent.

Unleash the power of the brush in an all new co-op adventure. Join Mickey and Oswald in an epic battle to save the magical world of Wasteland and change it forever. Interact with your favorite characters like never before in the most heroic adventure yet.

At first glance, the bright, colorful puzzle platforming of the Epic Mickey franchise seems like a distinct departure from the kind of games that marked designer Warren Spector's two-decades-long career in the video game industry. But the man who worked on series ranging from Ultima to System Shock says that the upcoming Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two actually matches the classic adventures he's known for in one important way: the power of choice.

The goal, Spector said, is to make a game where players never run into a dead-end because they encounter something that just doesn't suit their play style. "In most games, like if you're playing a shooter, and you're just not good enough, your option is to stop playing," he said. "If you're playing a stealth game, and you're not good enough to pass a guard, your option is to stop playing. In this game, as in Deus Ex, as in several other games I've worked on, if something is too hard for you, don't beat your head against the wall. Stop, think, look at the situation and try for something else. I tell the designers all the time, if there is any time in this game where there's only one way to do something, that's a failure of design. ... Always look for the other way, it's always there."

With Spector describing Epic Mickey 2 in press reports as "the first musical comedy game," I felt I had to ask the legendary designer about the actual role songs would play in the game. Surprisingly, he told me that the singing would be limited to cut scenes, where the fully voiced characters would reveal plot and character details though music.

That said, if people dig the non-interactive tunes in Epic Mickey 2, Spector seems determined to go full speed ahead with weaving music into the gameplay for the next sequel. "If people like 'em, that's going to just fuel my fire to make something really crazy [next time]," he said. "If people respond really well to this, next time all bets are off."

Tedious objectives ensure that even if you can stomach the core flaws that populate this game, it's still difficult to derive any enjoyment from your activities. Boss fights stretch on for an inordinate length of time. In one battle, a powerful airstream pulls you toward a row of spikes, and you have to fight against this suction while shooting a robotic face that's staring you down. After many arduous minutes, you might succeed, only to have to repeat the whole ordeal two more times. There's no skill involved, no evolving strategies; it's just the same tired action repeated ad nauseam. In another section, you must leap to a hidden door while wearing invisible ink. Gus, the unhelpful gremlin, continually urges you to disappear from view, ignoring that you become visible again very easily. You could be stuck in this area for a lifetime, and the easiest way to pass it is to ignore Gus completely and try another method. 076b4e4f54


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