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[S11E6] On The Inside

After checking all the buildings, Leah's group arrive back at Meridian and tell Pope that they didn't find anyone. They see Frost's dead body tied to a pole, and Pope says that he got everything he needed out of Frost, before bringing Carver inside Meridian.

[S11E6] On the Inside

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Connie and Virgil flee from something in the woods. Virgil suggests they seek refuge in a nearby house, but Connie insists they keep running. They sense something approaching and run. They race up to a large house, but the door is secure. Connie forces the front door open, and they hide inside. Walkers swarm the front door.

Injured and weak, Virgil gives Connie his knife and urges her to make a run for it. Connie refuses to abandon him. They hear the creatures stir upstairs and rush out the room with weapons blazing. Ferals attack from all directions and Virgil is stabbed by one of them. Getting an idea, Connie lathers herself in walker guts then flings the front door open, letting all of the walkers inside. The walkers devour the ferals while ignoring Connie, who is blocking Virgil in a corner with her own body, due to the walker guts.

The Reapers return to Meridian. Carver tells Pope that Maggie's group got away. Pope reveals that he continued to interrogate Frost after they left and got all the information he needed. They see Frost tied to a post: he is now a walker. Pope confers privately with Carver as they head inside. Leah looks at Daryl.

The Walking Dead scares up a backstory for The Ferals, the crawling creatures creeping on Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Virgil (Kevin Carroll) inside a haunted house of horrors. Spoiler warning for Season 11 Episode 6, "On the Inside." On the run from walkers after the cave collapse where she went missing during The Whisperer War in Season 10, Connie fears they're being watched when hiding out inside the house with Virgil. Investigating creaking hallways decorated with portraits of people with scratched-out eyes, the sight of a peeper's bloodshot and yellowed eyes looks back at an unnerved Connie. They're not alone.

Meanwhile, across town, A for Effort happens upon some hippies painting a very groovy mural on one of his vacant buildings, which they appear to have turned into a squat. A for Effort, who is many things, none of which even approaches groovy, is less than impressed when said Hippie legs it inside and bars the door.

Sam and Dean approach the abandoned Needham Asylum. Despite wards, there are no guards anywhere on the path leading to the entrance or at the external door. Sam cautions that while outside security may be lax, there is no way to know what they'll find inside. Dean, in typical fashion, picks the lock with a smirking "well, let's find out." 041b061a72


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