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Mount And Blade Warband Berserk

As for the type of game it is, it's one of those proto-Devil May Cry brawlers that tried to take the burgeoning character action format in its own direction before the DMC games (and God of War) all but codified the genre. While Guts has some powerful attacks, he's limited by the large size and slow speed of his main weapon: the enormous Dragonslayer blade. Often, he'll need to find a good spot to plant himself and then start swinging, and keep moving when his position is no longer tactically viable. In addition, the player can make use of a "berserk mode" which temporarily makes Guts invincible and a lot stronger, as well as Guts's various gadgets including the cannon concealed in his artificial arm, a few healing tinctures courtesy of Puck's medicinal fairy dust and the handful of throwing knives and bombs he keeps on his person. All of these additional items are in limited supply but will frequently restock after each stage, so the game all but insists that the player rely on their resourcefulness and strategic wits to determine the best time to use them. Generally speaking, the cannon's best reserved for bosses, the knives for ranged units who try to stay out of reach of Guts's melee attacks and the bombs for when Guts gets swarmed by weaker enemies. Because berserk mode fully heals Guts each time it activates, the player can often try to keep fighting to fill its gauge before they run out of health, or opt to use up one of their limited full heal items and not risk dying. Like Chaos Legion, another DMC peer/also-ran that failed to attract much attention, it's not the sort of character action game where you can wade into every enemy encounter with your sword swinging: doing so is likely to get you killed fast. It's a little more thoughtful than it would first appear, and its difficulty appears to have put a lot of people off.

mount and blade warband berserk

The build is based around various aspects of the character that I thought transitioned well into Skyrim. The main character, Gutts, is an extremely able swordsman, capable of wielding a colossal great sword with great speed and ease. He is also very proficient with his crossbow, which is mounted on his arm. However the main aspect of the character that intrigued me is his armour. At first he wears basic heavy armour, but later on in the story he obtains the berserker armour. Forged by the Dwarves, the armor is somewhat symbiotic with the body, binding itself to the wearer, and holding their body together allowing them to continue fighting even while taking massive damage. This comes at a price, however, the longer the armour is used the deeper the wearer sinks into a berserker rage, eventually losing themselves in a whirlwind of fury that destroys friend and foe alike. What we are aiming for in the long term is a two handed warrior, wearing heavy armor (yes this is a daedric armor build) enchanted as strongly as possible with health regeneration, allowing us to eviscerate the enemy while taking no care for our own health. 350c69d7ab


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