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Microsoft Windows 8 Activator K.J V1.11.2012 [REPACK]

Now, while pirates can activate and use illegal copies of windows 8 - it should be noted that these are not real cracks and work by exploiting the genuine Microsoft KMS activation service aimed for volume licensing. KMS activation method allows copies to Microsoft software's to be activated in bulk legally for 180 days. Similar to KMS activator crack for Windows 8 this new hactivation utility performs the same KMS activations (using an illegal or unauthorized server) which works by installing a service which autoruns on 179/180the day of hactivation to reactivate without user knowing about it. The only additional job done by this new utility is to change some files and make Windows 8 cosmetically report that it is fully activated hiding the real status of 180 days KMS activation.

Microsoft Windows 8 Activator K.J V1.11.2012




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