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Real Football Bluetooth Java Game: The Best Way to Enjoy Football on the Go

Show the world who the real football champion is in the most realistic mobile football game. Features of game "Real Football 2009": Enter league RF and compete with players of RF from every corner of the globe, tracing the on-line list of leaders. Mode of the multiuser game in real time on Bluetooth (only for compatible phones). Create and train a team in Real Football Manager Edition 2009, and then export it in RF 2009. Play for club or a national team, having chosen one of 200 variants in 6 different leagues. Feel atmosphere of 6 best football stadiums, including Milan, Manchester and Madrid. Smooth animation and natural behaviour of contenders do this football game improbably realistic.

download real football bluetooth java game

This is excellent football simulator in your phone. You can choose any national team or football club. You can play in one of six different leagues. You will play on six best football stadiums. There are single mode and multiplayer mode in this game. Dynamic matches, realistic and colorful game graphics await you!


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