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since one of the games for this month - not sure which - i thought i might try to build a christmas bag using the spud & bones books. and i went shopping. in general i got about 80% of what i needed. i am still hunting for those tiny pieces of.. read more


while we haven't picked santa up from the airport, we did get the nativity set of the nativity scenes and we have completed one of the sets. this year the snowy version. we finally got to see the reindeer and the donkey and the wise men. having four hands means that i can get all of the pieces in each set put together. we got dressed up in the old costumes and held a.. read more

while we didn't take all of the games that were laid out on the table for picking, we did select the ones that we wanted to try. the game provided by frieda and iggy was elf bowling. with all of the practice and training out in the open, we went for the smooth and stable options. so that.. read more

elf bowling is a turn-based, two player game in which you and your opponent are tasked with knocking down as many pairs of elves as possible before time runs out. you might be able to find your opponent more easily if you're playing this game after a few glasses of eggnog, but there'll certainly be extra points to be won.

the options menu has a couple of options to tweak the game's behavior: you can turn on or off random events by selecting the relevant options. the random option turns on a random number generator, which should help break the potential boredom of the game and maybe even entice you to have a rematch with your opponent. selecting the no setup option will play the game as quickly as possible, bypassing the breadcrumbs and opening ceremony. if you're looking for something a little more lazy, you can turn on the quick option that plays the game straight through.


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