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Vanzant positions herself as a counselor and an experienced girlfriend. While some of her topics could be tweaked into scream TV--like one she taped a few weeks ago about talking to your troubled teen--she eases her guests through moments when other hosts would prod a sore spot: "You ask [your daughter] a question," she tells a mom whose 13-year-old has been sneaking out. "She gives you an honest answer. You can't freak out at that moment." (One segment of the episode, in fact, is titled "How to Talk Without Screaming.")

She wants to bring her MTV audience over, though, and their moms with them. Lewis, says her producer Mary Duffy, intends to be an intergenerational "conduit of information" about hot-button topics like school violence, depression and teen sex--a topic Lewis raised at MTV, in true confessional-host mode, by talking about a temporary vow of celibacy she took. "So many young girls stopped me in the street then and told me they made different choices [about having sex]," she recalls. 041b061a72


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