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[S6E14] The Night Before The Wedding __FULL__

During the day, Kevin formally met the wedding singer, Arielle, in a playful but brief interaction. That night, when Kevin visits the bar after Sophie's 180, Arielle is there and he sits beside her. Arielle orders him his usual drink, which she'd learned by observing him all day, then shares song lyrics she wrote based on her other observations. The words seemingly reference the anxiety Kevin displayed all day waiting for Sophie's arrival. Arielle wrote them on the napkin Beth and Madison found. Another clue solved.

[S6E14] The Night Before the Wedding

Kevin is tied to LA not just because of his kids but also because of Rebecca's illness. Rebecca has spent this whole wedding living in the past. She thinks Kevin is Jack and that Sophie is her 20-year-old self who married Kevin way before they were ready for something like that.

Randall: We both know you've been staring at that door all night willing Sophie to walk through it.Kevin: I was not doing any of those things.Randall: How often have you seen her?Kevin: Twice. Once at her mother's funeral and once at Kate and Philip's engagement party.Randall: Kevin. She's a married woman. Don't cause any drama at our sister's wedding.

The day of David and Patrick's wedding was originally intended to be held outdoors, however, it rained the night before the ceremony, ruining those plans; there had been no backup plans made. The officiant also cancelled due to the weather, however, Moira took up that position for the ceremony.

When the conversation turns to Lorelai and Luke, Emily is eager to hear more details about their upcoming nuptials, including the date. To avoid continued questioning, Lorelai blurts out "June 3rd!" as Rory gives her a skeptical look. It's always two steps forward, three hundred steps back with these people. She should have just told (an edited version of) the truth but instead, she decides to let future Lorelai deal with this brewing shit storm. In a moment of masterful manipulation, Emily manages to leverage the supposed closeness of the wedding date as an excuse to have Luke at the next Friday night dinner.

Surprisingly, dinner isn't as bad as either of them expected it to be. This time, there are no passive aggressive digs about nitwit juice or unwanted tips on how to franchise the dinner. Although Emily and Richard spend the night scaring the piss out of them with stories about men who lose everything and end up suicidal (or worse, working class), it weirdly feels like they've accepted Luke as part of the family. When Emily mentions June 3rd, it's a sad reminder that this nice moment is only temporary. Once news of the wedding postponement arises, any positive feelings the Gilmores had toward Luke will surely disappear. 041b061a72


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