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Cubase 7 Dongle Emulator

Yeah, I bought some. It's called Cubase Audio 3.0XT for windows. Available at most fine Music Software Stores. Best of all, this software really does "crack the dongle". Cost: about $525. I've seen it all on the net. By the way does anyone have a copy of Wavelab 10.01. Can you say........handcuffs? -- _________________base jaseilly...@bunt.com_________________

cubase 7 dongle emulator

I am replacing my workstation with a laptop and at the same time I need to get rid of USB dongles. When working mobile, I find USB dongles pretty annoying and also the risk of damaging or losing the dongle is too big. So I was wondering: Will I still need a USB dongle, if I want to work with Cubase Pro 10 or is it possible to save the license on my hard disk or SD card or something?

I found a list of soft-elicenser software products on the website, where Cubase Pro was not included, but this was from 2017. On the Thomann store it is written, that a USB dongle is still required, is that true???

I had to buy the Steinberg dongle in the past to get the Portico plugins to work. I also had an ilok for other plugins. After a couple years, both my dongles got stolen. I was able to reclaim 95% of my licenses with the help of the publishers and ilok. However, Stenberg had no way of dealing with this. I send dozens of emails for months trying to reclaim the licenses on my Steinberg dongle until I eventually gave up.

By using a handy software tool called Donglify, you can share virtually any USB protection dongle over the network. Donglify gives you an efficient way to access your USB-eLicenser key remotely and run Cubase, Nuendo, or WaveLab apps on a computer that has no USB-eLicenser physically attached. Read on to learn more.

Another great solution that serves for remote access to USB devices is FlexiHub by Electronic Team. This tool can also come in handy as a USB-eLicenser emulator. It has lots of significant advantages over other remote access software you can find today.


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